Family Health Center earns national acclaim from HRSA for quality improvements

Family Health Center earns national acclaim from HRSA for quality improvements

Family Health Center earns national acclaim from HRSA for quality improvements

Family Health Center, Inc. is national leader when it comes to helping patients stay heart healthy, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

HRSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that governs federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), has named FHC as a “National Quality Leader — Heart Health,” an indication that FHC helps its patients manage and reduce high blood pressure readings extraordinarily well.

“At Family Health Center, our staff and providers work really hard for our patients,” said Dr. Rashad Ali, chief executive officer. “We’re certainly honored and proud of the recognition, but it all comes back to how we care for our patients. We believe everyone deserves high quality healthcare, regardless of how much money they have, and we carry that mentality with us every day.”

In all, FHC earned seven “Community Health Quality Recognition” (CHQR) awards, more than any other health center in Mississippi. FHC was one of only two centers in Mississippi to receive the National Quality Leader designation for Heart Health.

The CHQR badges are awarded for showing notable quality improvement in areas of access, quality, health equity, and health information technology. In addition, Covid-19 awards were also introduced to recognize health centers’ contributions to the public health emergency response.

Here’s the full list of badges awarded to Family Health Center:

Represents health center awardees and LALs that meet or exceed national benchmarks for one or more of the clinical quality measure (CQMs) groups that promote behavioral health, heart health, diabetes health, HIV prevention and care, and maternal and child health.
Achieves the best overall clinical quality measure (CQM) performance among all health centers and are recognized in the following tiers: Gold (top 10%), Silver (top 11-20%), or Bronze top (21-30%).
Increases the total number of patients served and the number of patients who receive at least one comprehensive service (mental health, substance abuse, vision, dental, and/or enabling) by at least 5%.
Demonstrates improvements in select CQMs during consecutive UDS reporting years (2020 and 2021 UDS) for at least one racial/ethnic groups; or meets established benchmarks for all racial/ethnic groups served within the most recent UDS reporting year.
Meets all criteria to optimize HIT services that advance telehealth, patient engagement, interoperability, and collection of social determinants of health data to increase access to care and advance quality of care.
Recognizes health centers that are screening for social risk factors impacting patient health and are increasing access to enabling services.
Achieves PCMH recognition in one or more delivery sites.