Board of Directors

The Family Health Center Board of Directors consists of representatives from local communities. Board members volunteer their time to govern the operations and to ensure that the organization complies with all Federal and State mandates.

More than 51 percent of the Board’s members are FHC patients. The Board members represent the ethnicity, gender, and special populations of the service area. The Board members also bring various levels of expertise in many areas, including but not limited to, community affairs, finance, social and healthcare services.

Dyann Mizell

Board Chair

Trina Heidelberg

Board Vice Chair

Joan Young


Cecil Ashford

Board Member

George Barnes

Board Member

Angela Carmichael

Board Member

Evelyn Evans

Board Member

Lee Farmer

Board Member

Howard Loftin

Board Member

Dennis Plummer

Board Member

Barbara Pruitt

Board Member

Prince Staten

Board Member

Michael Walker

Board Member

Executive Staff

Under the leadership of our CEO, Dr. Rashad N. Ali, the Executive Staff lead the day-to-day operations of our clinics, ensuring that patients are cared for, that their information is secure, that patients are physically safe and much much more.

Dr. Rashad N. Ali, MD, JD, FACOGS

Chief Executive Officer/Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology

Mary Figueroa, Ph.D

Executive Assistant /Special Projects Director

Mr. Coney L. Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Sherrin Roberts

Chief Financial Officer

Bernard De Asis, MD, FAAP

Chief Medical Officer/Chief of Pediatrics

Burgese K. Turel, MD

Chief of Internal Medicine

Michelle Millsap

Director of Nursing

Ron Henry, R.Ph

Pharmacy Director

Terrance M. Thigpen, PMP, ITIL

Chief Information Officer

Lee Eric Smith

Director of Marketing & Communications

Henry McCain

Human Resources Director/Compliance Officer

Barbra Blackledge

Social Services Director

Gayla Gunnell

WIC Director

Kara Carter

Office Manager

Mia Walker

Office Manager - OB/GYN

Alfred Jordan

Safety and Security Director

Darnell Booth

Facilities Director